THERMAX® SN 400 Thermal insolation boards

THERMAX® Thermal insulation boards

High-end THERMAX® boards made from vermiculite
for tile stoves, masonry heaters, as well as fireplaces

With THERMAX® SN 400 thermal insulation boards, you are getting a high-quality vermiculite product. Under the number Z-43.14-131, THERMAX® SN 400 has been approved to be used as thermal insulation and brickwork in open fireplaces and furnaces in accordance with EN 13229, as well as in tile stoves and masonry heaters in accordance with DIN 18892.
Working with and handling THERMAX® thermal insulation boards produces minimal dust. The well-known, convenient workability of THERMAX® SN 400 therefore allows for easy and very clean installations with low insulation thicknesses.

THERMAX® thermal insulation boards
At a glance:

  • Clean processing and handling
  • Quick installation
  • No brickwork required
  • No black plate cover required
  • 10cm of additional space gained in front of load-bearing and combustible walls
  • Regulatory approval and authorization