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High performance – also in service.

Our sales and service department is a partner you can count on. We guarantee the highest quality and our many years of competency for your satisfaction and safety.

Our proven designs and materials provide you with a broad spectrum of application opportunities in the areas of “innovative structural fire protection“ and “optimized industrial thermal insulation”.

We can combine compatible products to create a custom system solution tailored to your needs. We will support you in every phase of your project – from planning to implementation.

THERMAX®– structural fire protection

Our proven THERMAX® designs and materials provide you with a broad array of application opportunities for innovative structural fire protection. Compatible products can be combined to create a system solution.


FIPRO® – Fire Protection

FIPRO® vermiculite fire protection boards are used worldwide in mega yachts, passenger ships, and off-shore drilling platforms to provide fire protection that not only performs, but is also decorative. FIPRO® – your brand for decorative fire protection.

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MultiTHERM 550 – insulate and protect

You can use MultiTHERM 550 in all areas that provide limited space for insulation materials. With a W/mK value of 0.023, MultiTHERM 550 offers the lowest thermal conductivity with the shortest installation depths for fiber insulation materials on the market.


At home in many European countries.

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Sustainable production

We are environmentally conscious in our production and use sustainable manufacturing processes. For example, MultiTHERM 550 and our vermiculite products are completely natural, 100% recyclable, and will not harm the environment once they are no longer in use.

Recommended for building biology

THERMAX® fire protection boards sold by us have received the seal of approval by the IBR (Institute for Building Biology, Rosenheim).

Best thermal insulation values

0.023 W/mK! MultiTHERM® 550 is a high-performance insulation material developed by us that can be used wherever there is only limited space for insulation materials.

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Vermiculite Info

THERMAX® products are made from a naturally-occurring silicate composed of iron, magnesium, and aluminum. It is commonly known as vermiculite. Vermiculite is a special raw material with very special properties:

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DIN und EN approved designs

(DIN – German Institute for Standardization; EN – European Standard)
Our approved designs and materials provide you with a broad range of applications in the areas of “innovative structural fire protection“ and “optimized industrial thermal insulation”.